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¿Cómo diseñar el edificio de acero residencial?

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The development of residential steel building conforms to the industrial technology policy of protecting arable land and saving energy, and is also one of the production methods for realizing residential industrialization. The development of steel structure housing is the general trend.

  • What is the layout of the residential steel building?

  • What issues should be paid attention to when designing residential steel building?

  • Why pay attention to the design of residential steel building?

What is the layout of the residential steel building?

Residential steel building's column grid layout should be regular, and it is advisable to use residential units or sleeves as the unit to achieve modularity. The modular flat connection, wrong connection and symmetrical concave (convex) connection and other splicing adapt to changes in the overall layout.

When the residential steel building module adopts small column net, it should be combined with the floor and pipeline design; when the module adopts large column net, the facility pipeline should be designed as a fixed-positioned tube bundle, and the electrical and communication lines can be along the cavity and skirting of the partition wall. , Mirror hanging line or top line arrangement.

The kitchen and bathroom are located close to the concrete core tube or concrete shear wall, and avoid steel structure load-bearing components to facilitate the fire prevention and anti-corrosion treatment of steel components.

Vertical pipelines are centrally arranged in pipeline wells or pipeline walls, or installed on site using factory prefabricated tube bundles.

The toilet is drained on the same floor. Use a double pipe system for centralized heating, and use a temperature control valve and a heat meter. Use the equipotential characteristics of the steel structure to make a natural ground connection.

What issues should be paid attention to when designing residential steel building?

Residential steel building should be dominated by construction and design, and other professions should interact closely with each other. In addition to following the general principles of residential building design, residential steel building must also focus on solving:

(1) How to make use of the advantages of steel structure? The beam span can be enlarged, the bays can be more flexible, and more space can be created for residents. But how to avoid the flatness and monotonous facade of the building caused by the steel structure.

(2) It is necessary to solve the fire protection and anti-corrosion problems of steel structure residential buildings. Especially in rainy areas, the quality of anti-corrosion and anti-rust work directly affects the promotion of steel structure housing.

Why pay attention to the design of residential steel building?

The cost of residential steel building is the most concerned issue of real estate developers. Steel structure residences should be positioned in middle and high-end residences. Steel structure residences are a systematic project. Management and coordination should be strengthened from design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance and management, so as to reduce costs and improve overall economic benefits. the goal of.

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. strives to provide top-quality residential steel buildings with reasonable prices, efficient production time, and the most professional customer service.

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